Having more than one child

I have just read an article about having one child cause it’s easier to the parent… what do you think?

The article claims having one child as opposed to two or more allows for a much more controlled environment.

On the other hand the author which is a certified psychologist claims: A sibling relationship is actually one of the best vehicles for children to learn how to navigate relationship struggles and to learn about conflict resolution as they grow up, so many single children will miss out on this opportunity unless they socialize extensively with other children or child relatives who serve almost as honorary siblings.


Get ready for winter!!

To those who are still looking to understand how to dress children in cold weather.


Prego brain: Babies may change mom’s brain forever

Pregnancy may cause permanent brain changes in mothers brain structure (according to the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science research, 2011). At least one brain imaging study has found that new mothers have more gray matter four months after birth. one theory suggests that the hormones that flood the brain during pregnancy could lead to permanent change… So mothers, now we have very good excuses! 🙂

Mothers! Do you know babies gave us our name?

It is an extraordinary fact that babies are responsible for the word MOM in many languages. In English she’s mom; in Mandarin-Chinese and Spanish, mama, though with slightly different accents . In Iceland translated as mamma, ma in Punjabi, ema in Hebrew and me in Vietnamese. Notice any trends over here? No coincidence!! one of the first sounds babies typically say is the “ma” sound. Almost every language across the globe has taken that”ma” baby talk as the basis for the word for mother.

http://Expat Babies: FAQs- Pregnancy, Birth & Newborns

Hi Berliner mama’s to be and current! I advise you on reading this document for all you need to know as a mother when living in Berlin.