My Vision

The overall goal of this platform is to initiate a community of mothers that shares equipment and information.

My Story

As a new mother, I see there is a vast amount of app’s and websites to buy and sell baby and children equipment but many of us mothers, parents, prefer second hand items. By receiving second hand items, we lower our expenses, and by getting rid of good items and giving it to people that actually need them, we save time and effort.

Therefore, the basic idea of this platform is to enable parents to share their children’s equipment. We’re heading for a win-win situation!

Meet the Team

One woman show for now...


Shlomit Avni


With a BA in Psychology, MBA and background in the Defense industry, Shlomit became a mother which turned her world upside-down. In her new quest, she found herself trying to solve a simple but yet important problem - 'how to reduce my expenses, while giving my children all they need'. This has led her to open this platform and to enable other mothers to enjoy the sharing and exchange world with a smile.

Next Step...

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I will make sure the 'behind the scenes' mommy's matching magic happens.